From the recording The Badlees

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And so it came to pass
These faces under glass
I’m outside looking in
At all the places they have been

From Vietnam to the Civilian Corps
From hobo jungles to the Civil War
What were they fighting for?

I wondered right out loud
If I had made them proud
Faces hung without a word
The saddest sound I’ve ever heard

From Poland to the Scottish hills
Strip mines, factories, and paper mills
A quilt was sewn from pieces torn
And in it my America was born
It was born

And with a ball point pen
Someone had written in
One word that spoke to me

Up the stairs and off to bed
Faces under glass all said
“I think he’ll be alright”
I closed the door
And said goodnight

From Europe to the Ellis Isle
I can’t help but smile
Every time I hear them say
“The hand you’re dealt
Is the one you play”