Welcome to my subscription page everyone!! Click on the "Subscribe" button to check out the various tiers I'm offering. This is a work in progress, so there will be more stuff coming regularly! Tiers range from free to $10/month, and there is also a discounted pay annually option. All tiers are online pay, but if you are interested in paying by check, money order, cash, or bushels of corn please drop me a line at:  bretalexandermusic@gmail.com . We will work something out.

BIG TIPPER DISCOUNT!! 25% off if you pay annually

Right now, I'm offering my $10/month level (my highest tier) at 25% OFF if you pay annually. Tip me $90 here (or if you want to do more, that's fine too!) then head over to the "PAY ANNUALLY" tier and complete the free signup to get the content. (*You have to sign up on "Pay Annually" tier to get the content. Sorry for the extra step!!)

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