From the recording Diamonds In The Coal

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Hypocrisy as it oughta be, that's called good business
Sometimes it really bothers me how I got in this
Took this job a-thinkin' I'd be movin' up some day
Been too busy drinkin' to be carin' either way

The wife she ain't been workin' 'cause her time is growing near
But the IRS ain't takin' no sabbaticals this year
Working on commission against weekly guarantees
This soldier's on a mission but it ain't for charity

Give me just one moment with the wheel between my hands
Just one moment, I'll make you understand
Don't confuse all the games you lose with failing as a man
Just one moment, I'll show you who I am

Went in to see the boss man to ask him for a raise
Never did quite understand all the reasons that he gave
His 8" X 10" of Jesus had turned it's back to me
I guess mortal man can't comprehend that dense morality

So I bought my wife some roses and I tied them with a bow
Called the boss up at 3 AM and I told him where to go
Now we're driving down the highway back to where we first began
With me back in the driver's seat and her holding my hand