From the recording Diamonds In The Coal

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Get a load of that with the snakeskins on
Looks like a refugee from a headbangin' song
Sweet July evening seems all the world we've ever known
Is here at the breaker shakin' them restless bones

Brown baggin' as the music's draggin'
On a cheap cassette machine
Honey, I know no matter where we go
We're gonna keep us a piece of this routine

It's like a Rembrandt
A one of a kind in a shades-of-grey world
Like a Rembrandt, baby
A genuine find in a come and go swirl

World's in the moonlight, there's diamonds in the coal
Layin' on my hood we're runnin' soul in soul
Yellin' out my name I think I know who that was
This moment's got me higher than a black coffee buzz

Come on, girl, you can call your boss
And fake a case of the flu
You and me, we can cast some shadows
In that nightlight your mama left on for you


Drinkin' domestic on a night as majestic
As a true hell raiser's bliss
Every workin' day they take a little more away
But they don't know of a social affair as redeeming as this

Same tapes as last week, that makes 'em cool
Same grooves, same times, drives the social tool
If this here is heaven than the saints are reelin'
Some of them crawlin' on a tall grass ceilin'
Honey, if life don't give us any more
It gave us a season
To groove 'neath the stars at the Number 9 Breaker
Not askin' for answers or reasons