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Half Bottle Of Wine

For the first time in my life
I don’t want to go home
maybe tomorrow for the reuniting
tonight I want to be alone
the water is receding
you can see the stains on the wall
thank god the summer’s over
beaten back by the fall

Some are filling up the churches
others filling up the bars
some escaping on greyhound buses
others in rental cars
to Phoenix Arizona
or Philadelphia PA
man they can’t wait to get there
but they won’t want to stay

so batten down the hatches
the world has gone away
and all that you got left
are bills that you can’t pay
and waterlogged photographs
some still clinging to that twine
tomorrow you’re welcome to share
my last half bottle of wine

A smile turns to a grimace
when a welcome is worn down
just how much room is there
in these quiet little towns?
with the white picket fences
and zoned to ease the mind
of those who hide behind the wall
that others left behind


the label got washed away
so I’m not sure of the year
when you can’t drink the water
you better not drink the beer

What happens when you’ve lost things
you never knew you had
and you come home to a front yard
filled with graveyard slabs
Aaron sings what Randy wrote
clear down to Plaquemine
down to 6 feet of water
and my last half bottle of wine